El análisis del ciclo de vida del producto como factor fundamental para determinar el impacto medioambiental.

The Environmental United Nations Programme analyze the packaging environmental impact in the whole life cycle that comes from the extraction of the row material in the production until its final removal. In this way, they study plastic and its durability as a matter of fact that can be re-use again for new recycling packaging that saves resources. The research “Evaluation of the life analysis of the food and drinks packaging”, states that there are no general rules about food packaging. Therefore, they recommend to use the packaging system that is suitable for its product category and it supply chain. And otherwise, producers should have in mind the waste management criteria about giving priority to re-use from recycling or incineration because these criteria generate less environmental impact. Previous approaches like Fraunhofer Institute study already said that the plastic packaging in food and drink transport generates less environmental impact that the ones made of wood or cartoon. Plastic boxes can be used… read more →